eBay Sales

Let us help you turn your old possessions into a profit. With over 9 years of eBay experience, we are able to get you the best price for your items. We charge 20% of the final sale price (after eBay seller fees) to take care of everything for you.

We will handle:

  • Performing extensive research into the current market price for your item.
  • Listing your item on eBay with an account that has 100% positive feedback over 9 years.
  • Dealing with any potential bidders on your behalf.
  • Packing and shipping your item to the buyer.

Some items that sell very well are:

  • Old iPhone or Android smart phones leftover from an upgrade (Even if they are broken!)
  • Electronics such as old laptops or gaming systems
  • Antiques
  • Music equiptment
  • And much more

Feel free to contact us with any questions. We will handle all security when dealing with electronics that have storage to ensure that are wiped clean before being sent out to any buyers.